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WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned
that this program contains images and voices of deceased persons.

Living Data

2018 Presentations

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9 August 2018
Lens on Health: Indigenous and Western Views
Event for National Science Week and Sydney Science Festival
University of Technology Sydney

Podcast: Think Health, 2SER
by Jake Morcom with Miles Herbert, 4th October 2018
In Photos: Converging perspectives of Indigenous and Western health and wellbeing
by Sebastian Reategui, 14th August 2018

Introduction   Roundtable   Microscopes   Virtual Journey   Impacts

INTRODUCTION: Welcoming, Introducing, Engaging


'Lens on Health' was presented in three parts: Roundtable, Microscopes, and Virtual Journey.
Acknowledgement of Country was given by UTS Life Scientist Dr Sean Walsh,and followed by Roundtable Introductions and Discussion led by Dr Megan Williams,Senior Lecturer and Head of the Indigenous Health Discipline at the Graduate School of Health at UTS. Megan invited everyone (including the sound recordists and photojournalist) to say who we are, where we're from, and our relationship to Aboriginal Australia. Stimulus for discussion was a videoof marine microbial ecologist Dr Andrew Davidson explaining connectivity in the Antarctic ecosystem, that Megan recognised as reflecting the different ways we may participate in shaping the natural world.

Microscopist Sue Fenechand freshwater ecologists Anne Colvilleand Claire Sivesled everyone to look through microscopes and draw tiny living things found in local freshwater and saltwater systems.

UTS Software Engineer Dr Cat Kutay,UTS eResearch Support Analyst Michael Lynchand I led a Virtual Pedestrain's Journey in the UTS Data Arena, that we are developing to connect and generate stories that come from the land and ocean. Artist/scholars Darren Charlwood (University of Sydney) and Maddison Gibbs (UTS) worked with us on design and choreography for audience engagement.


ROUNDTABLE: Welcoming, Introducing, Engaging
L-R: Michael Lynch, Duncan Loxton, Jonathan Shaw, Penny Ryan, Maddison Gibbs, Simon Mitrovic
Photo: Sebastian Reategui

MICROSCOPY: Microscopes and Drawing what we see
L-R: Darren Charlwood, Sue Fenech
Photo: Sebastian Reategui


VIRTUAL JOURNEY: Pedestrian Journey through Art and Data
L-R: Ellen Karimanovic, Anne Colville, Jonathan Shaw, Penny Ryan, Claire Sives, Lisa Roberts, Maddison Gibbs
Photo: Sebastian Reategui

Living Data Flyer
for 2018 Sydney Science Festival


What impact did the event have on participants?

Photojournalist Sebastian Reategui Reports.

How is the Pedestrian Journey evolving?