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that this program contains images and voices of deceased persons.

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Connecting through cultural practices and life sciences

Still from the animation,
Growing and sharing knowledge
made by Lisa Roberts with Shawn Wilson
for his presentation,
How to grow and share Indigenous knowledge
for the Alaska Native Studies Conference 2016

My understanding of the similarity between Indigenous peoples way of thinking can be best stated as being circular and egalitarian. This circular thought is in contrast with the dominant society's hierarchical way of thinking...

What becomes important then in this circular worldview is your relationship with an idea, or how you view it...

What is important here is that spirituality is your relationship to the universe around you. It is the relationship again that is important, rather than the objective form that this relationship chooses to manifest itself (that is what religion is). My relationship to the universe is unique to myself, and it would be unrealistic to expect anyone else to share exactly the same relationship. Thus Indigenous spirituality could be defined as Indigenous peoples unique relationship with their universe.

Shawn Wilson, Indigenous Canadian scholar, 2015
Recognising the importance of spirituality in Indigenous learning