Living Data

Living Data



Living Data is selected for An Anthropocene Cabinet of Curiosities, Australian Galleries, Melbourne 3 May - 24 May as part of the international 2015 Climarte Festivalprogram.

Plastic served subtle purposes in the powerful Will she feed the fish? art-science collaboration between Lisa Roberts and Marc Pascal. The fine plastic wires that hung the aesthetically beautiful recycled Biomesh pods, including a pod of dreaming the Anthropocene, are implicated in wildlife destruction.

National Museum of Australia Review 8 May 2015

Lisa Roberts explainsWill she feed the fish? in the Cabinet of Curiosities exhibition for Australian Galleries, Melbourne, Sunday 3 May 2015, curated by artist Amanda Martin(far right). William L. Fox, Director, Centre for Art + Environment, Nevada Museum of Art, led the artist presentations.
Photo: Joseph Kiraly


Lisa Roberts with Marc Pascal:
Will she feed the fish?
(or Algae, Mimi, Anthropocene:
Homo phagus meets Diatom navicula,
a love story for plant lovers

Recycled Biomesh, hand-drawn,
Photos: Josef Goding