Living Data

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned
that this program contains images and voices of deceased persons.

Living Data

Big Picture

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The Big Picture story by Dr Mary E. Whiteexplains the co-evolution of life and the environment.

It's much, much later than you think. This really isn't about polar bears any more.
At this very moment, the fate of civilization itself hangs in the balance.

Leo Murray


Mary E. White, The Living Earth
Digitally enhanced satellite photograph
(White, 2003, p.xvi, Illus.)

A greenish tint has been added to the image of our 'blue planet' because it is photosynthesis, performed by green organisms, that provides the nutrients for the webs-of-life that make Earth a living world.

Dean Graetz Copyright CSIRO

White (2003)


Dr Mary E. White presents summaries of the sequential stages in the co-evolution of Life and the environment through geological time that have resulted in the creation of the BIOSPHERE (of which we are a part).

The Big Picture overview of climate change is also explained by:
Dr John Cook
Dr Haydn Washington.