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Disclaimers: This website is authored by me, Lisa Robertsto reflect both consensus scientific knowledge and individual subjective responses.

The scientific method is distinguished from the diverse methods that we use as artists to observe, process information, and give personal meaning to our findings.

My aim is to show the value of both approaches: science for creative experiments designed to find largely unambiguous answers to complex problems, and for its null results that can nonetheless inspire more interesting questions and more creative explorations; the arts for their poetic ambiguities that inspire curiosity about how the living world works and sustains us.

Views expressed on this site do not necessarily reflect my own, nor those of institutions to which contributors are affiliated.


Copyrights: Living Data publishes under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Copyright licensefor free distribution through public events and social media networking. Other material on this web site may be produced under individual copyright agreements, and permissions from Contributorsare required for their use and reproduction.


Citations: Material sourced from this website must include acknowledgement of individual authors, the URL of each source and the date that URL was accessed. Note that the website evolves over time and that content is archived.