Living Data

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned
that this program contains images and voices of deceased persons.

Living Data

Oceanic Living Data

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Lisa Roberts. Excerpt from the fifteen-minute looping Oceanic Living Data Rozelle School of Visual Arts, Sydney, 26 March 2012.

A floating screen of plankton meshis illuminated by animationsthat combine hypotheses, stories, data and iconography shared by scientists and artists. Like a scientific model, the installation evolves to reflect current understandings. The story is that a healthy environment maintains homeostasis between its parts and that human actions are tipping the natural balance etween plants and animals. Recent data are graphs that show sea levels rising and diagrams that show changing patterns of growth in organisms. Iconography are circling, spiraling and crossing lines that dynamically connect parts to suggest the whole system. Unlike a scientific model, this model can be touched. You can move through it and feel part of it.

This excerpt shows variability in the tempo of the music (by Sophie Green) and in the dance of marine algae (Hormosira banksii, reflecting data from Martina Doblin), waves, dancing hands (of Catherine Magill) and the opening of alveoli (air sacs) in the lungs at the moment of a child's first breath.

Lisa Roberts


Lisa Roberts

Derek Davies
Sophie Green


So Kawaguchi
Jaime Gomez-Gutierrez
Steve Nicol
Australian Antarctic Division
Uwe Kils

McMurdo Dry Valleys
Long-Term Ecological Research Antarctic sea ice
United States Geological Survey Sea levels rising
John Church et al.

Hormosira banksii
(Neptune's necklace)
Martina Doblin
Climate Change Cluster (C3)
University of Technology, Sydney

(Air sacs in lungs)
Nicholas Kiraly
Royal Hobart Hospital


Connecting spiral
Kim Holten
Unravelling spiral
Rena Czaplinska


Helen Clarke-Lapin
Belinda Cussens
Rena Czaplinska
Mike Green
Mircalla Havier
Catherine Magill
Caterina Mocciola
Lisa Roberts

Production assistant:
Ken Wilson