Living Data

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned
that this program contains images and voices of deceased persons.

Living Data


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If a new human civilisation is to emerge that can live within its ecological limits, artists and communicators must have a prominent place, alongside the great scientific and technological innovators of our times.

Humanity will never be able to defeat a threat it cannot perceive.

Elizabeth Boulton2016

  Sue Anderson Artist/Co-ordinator, Lynchpin: The Ocean Project, Australia

  Keith Armstrong Artist/Leader of EmbodiedMedia, Australia

  Eric Avery Contemporary Aboriginal Dancer / Musician, Australia

  Kirralee Baker Scientist, Australia/UK

  Tony Baker Scientist, Australia

  Jeanie Bartley Contemporary Aboriginal artist, Australia

  Lorraine Beaulieu Artist, Canada

  Jason Benedek Artist, Australia

  Claire Beynon Artist, New Zealand

  Carmel Bird Writer, Australia

  Bliss Boaden Artist, Australia

  Philippe Boissonnet Artist, Canada

  David Buckland Artist/Director, Cape Farewell, London

  Darren Charlwood Aboriginal Australian artist and scholar, Sydney

  John Church Scientist, Australia

  Jennifer Clark Scientist, University of Technology Sydney

  Deirdre Cobbin Scientist/Communicator, University of Technology Sydney

  Sinead Collins Scientist/Communicator, University of Edinburough

  Anne Colville Scientist, University of Technology Sydney

  Mic Conway Musician, National Junk Band, Sydney

  Andrew Constable Scientist, Australian Antarctic Division

  Barbara Cuckson Choreographer/Director, Rozelle School of Visual Arts

  Isobel Cummings Scientist, Australia

  Paul Davis Contemporary Aboriginal artist, Australia

  Mark Diesendorf Scientist, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

  Andrew Davidson Marine ecologist, Australia

  Catriona Davies Musician, Australia

  Rene Delmas Scientist, Australia

  Benn Demole Musician, Australia

  Michael DePledge Scientist, UK

  Martina Doblin Scientist, University of Technology Sydney Australia

  Shane Dunn Designer, Australia

  Christina Evans Choreographer/Dancer, Australia/US

  Jemima Eve Artist, Australia

  Chris Evenhuis Scientist, University of Technology Sydney

  Sue Fenech Scientist, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

  Scott Fenson Aboriginal animator, Australia

  Raymond Finn Contemporary Aboriginal artist, Australia

  Paul Fletcher Artist, Animation Lecturer, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne

  Peter Fray Associate Professor, Independent Journalism, University of Technology Sydney

  Merindah Funnell Indigenous Australian Artist, Sydney

  Tom Frazer Artist, Victoria, Australia

  Simona Galimberti Designer, Australia

  Maddison Gibbs Contemporary Aboriginal artist, Australia

  Sally Gillespie Psychotherapist, Sydney

  John Gollan Scientist, University of Technology Sydney

  Daniela Giorgi Writer/Producer, Subtlenuance Theatre, Sydney, Australia

  William Gladstone Scientist/Artist, University of Technology Sydney / Sydney Institute of Marine Science

  Sophie Green Composer/Musician, Launceston, Australia

  Casey Handmer Astrophysicist, NASA. Australia/USA

  Shekara Hartnett Contemporary Aboriginal artist, Australia

  Paula Havey Scholar/Writer, Australia

  Nigel Helyer Artist, Australia

  Douglas Hippett Contemporary Aboriginal artist, Australia

  Graham Hosie Scientist, Australia

  Lesley Hughes Climate scientist, Australia

  Graham Howe Curator/Artist, Curatorial Assistance, USA/Australia

  Andrea Juan Artist/Sur Polar program leader, Argentina/Spain

  John Kalman Scientist, University of Technology Sydney, Chemistry of the environment

  So Kawaguchi Scientist, Australian Antarctic Division, Krill Biology

  Jennifer Keeler-Milne Artist, Australia

  Nicholas Kiraly Medical Researcher, Australia

  Eveline Kolijn Artist, Canada

  Anthony Larkum Scientist, Australia

  Janet Lawrence Visual artist, Australia

  Carina Lee Designer, Australia

  Rachael Leer Sound artist/Engineer, Australia

  Bem LeHunte Writer/Academic, Australia

  Andy Leigh Scientist/Artist, Australia

  Jonathan Marshall Anthropologist, Australia

  Ashley Macqueen Scientist/Dancer, Australia

  Catherine Magill Dancer, Australia

  An Marosszeky Designer/Curator, Australia

  Natalie Mazurek Scientist, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

  Rose McGreevy Artist, Australia

  Christine McMillan Artist/Curator, Australia

  Todd McMillan Artist, Australia

  Brad Miller Artist/Academic, Australia

  Simon Mitrovic Scientist, University of Technology Sydney

  Caterina Mocciola Dancer/Choreographer, Australia

  Chico Monks Contemporary Aboriginal artist, Sydney

  Fabio Muccini Musician, Italy

  Leo Murray Artist, U.K.

  Steve Nichol Scientist/Writer, Australia

  Lynden Nicholls Artist, Aaustralia

  Catherine Nolan Artist, Australia

  Alison O'Carroll Musician/psychologist, Australia

  James O'Brien Scientist, Australia

  Brendan O'Keefe Scientist, Australia

  Nicole Padden Aboriginal artist, Australia

  Katherina Petrou Scientist, Australia

  Simon Pockley Designer/Activist, Australia

  Antonia Posada Scientist/Artist, Australia

  Vikki Quill Calligrapher/Language specialist, Australia

  Dale Radford Scientist, U.K./Australia

  Peter Ralph Scientist, Australia

  John Raven Scientist, Scotland

  Daniel Ramp Scientist, Australia

  Lisa Roberts Interactive author/Visual artist, Australia

  Audrey Rose Burden Dancer, Australia

  Charlotte Robinson Scientist, Australia

  Penny Ryan Artist, Australia

  Adam Sebire Artist, Australia

  Justine Shaw Climate Scientist, Australia

  Tienne Simons Artist/Councillor, Australia

  Cameron Smith Scientist, Denmark

  Melissa Smith Artist/Curator, Australia

  Sharon Smith Contemporary Aboriginal artist, Australia

  Rupert Summerson Scientist/Artist, Australia

  Paul Sutton Designer/Academic, Australia

  Takuya Suzuki Artist, Japan

  Stephen Taberner Musician, New Zealand/Australia

  Bojan Tamburic Scientist, Germany/Australia

  Leanne Thompson Artist, Australia

  Marilyn Torrend Contemporary Aboriginal artist, Australia

  Arjun Verma Scientist, India

  Lawrence Wallen Designer/Academic, Australia

  Dean Walsh Dancer/Choreographer, Australia

  Bruce Wannan Botanist/Musician, Australia

  Haydn Washington Scientist/Poet, Australia

  Megan WilliamsIndigenous Australian social scientist

  Ken Wilson

  Shawn Wilson Indigenous Researcher, Canada/Australia

  Shona Wilson Artist, Australia

  Mary White Scientist, Australia

  Josh Wodak Artist/Academic, Australia

  Al Wunder Artist/Teacher, Australia

  Molly Zhongnan Jai Scientist, Australia

  MalouZuidema Artist, Netherlands