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Contributors provide vital scientific data, stories (hypotheses) and use of art works for presentations as well as financial and in-kind support. Other significant contributions come from participants in recorded conversationsand providers of critical evaluationsof the program.


Contributors [Note: 2014 Living Data Lab (UTS) contributorsare yet to be included on this list.]


Sue Anderson, Artist/Co-ordinator of Lynchpin: The Ocean Project, Australia

Susan P Barnett, Artist, Australia

Lorraine Beaulieu, Artist, Canada

Jason Benedek, New media artist, University of Technology, Sydney

Claire Beynon, Artist, New Zealand

Philippe Boissonnet, Artist, Canada

David Buckland, Artist, Cape Farewell DirectorUK

Linda Cairnes, Artist, Australia

Anne Colville, Scientist, Univeristy of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Jack Colwell, Musician, Australia

Stephanie Cooper, Musician, Australia

Peter Charuk, Artist, Australia

Jennifer Clark, Scientist, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Justin James Clayden, Artist, Australia

Andrew Constable, Scientist, Australian Antarctic Division

Barbara Cuckson, Choreographer/Teacher, Rozelle School of Visual Arts, Australia

Rena Czaplinska, Architect, Australia

Derek Davies, Musician, Australia

Mike Day, Designer, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Mark Diesendorf, Scientist, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Martina Doblin, Scientist, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Stephen Eastaugh, Artist, Argentina

Christina Evans, Choreographer/Dancer, Australia

Christian Evenhuis, Scientist, Australia

Paul Fletcher, Animator,Lecturer, Victorian College of the Arts, Australia

Tom Frazer, Animator, Australia

Simona Galimberti, Photographer, Australia

Daniela Giorgi, Theatre Writer/Producer, Australia

William Gladstone, Scientist, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Sophie Green, Musician/Composer, Australia

Jaime Gomez-Gutierrez, Scientist, Chile

Paula Havey, Artist/scholar, Australia

Mircella Havier, Dancer/Teacher, Australia

Nigel Helyer, Artist, Australia

Graham Hosie, Scientist, Australian Antarctic Division

Graham Howe, Photographer/Curator, Curatorial Assistance

JC (Mudflower), Photographer, Australia

Andrea Juan, Artist, Argentina

So Kawaguchi, Scientist, Australian Antarctic Division

Jennifer Keeler-Milne, Artist, Australia

Virginia King, Artist, Australia

Nicholas Kiraly, Medical doctor and researcher, Australia

Eveline Kolijn, Artist, Canada

Tony Larkum, Scientist, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Carina Lee, Designer, Australia

Andy Leigh, Scientist, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Jonathan Marshall, Anthropologist, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Anita Marosszeky, Events, Exhibitions and Projects, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Ashley Macqueen, Dancer/Scientist, Australia

Catherine Magill, Dancer, Australia

Rose McGreevy, Artist, Australia

Christine McMillan, Artist/Curator, Australia

Brad Miller, Researcher and Designer, College of Fine Arts, Australia

Caterina Mocciola, Dancer/Choreographer, Australia

Fabio Muccini, Musician, Italy

Leo Murray, Animator, United Kingdom

Steve Nicol, Scientist, University of Tasmania, Australia

Catherine Nolan, Visual artist, Australia

Katherina Petrou, Scientist, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Simon Pockley, Designer/Activist, Australia

Tienne Simons, Artist/Councellor, Australia

Antonia Posada, Artist/Scientist, Australia

Vikki Quill, Calligrapher/Language specialist, Australia

Dale Radford, University of Technology, Sydney

Gibson Radsavanh, Designer, Australia

Rivia Rivia, Designer, Australia

Lisa Roberts, Artist, Australia

Charlotte Robinson, Scientist, Australia

Melissa Smith, Artist/Curator, Australia

Robert Stephenson, Animator/Lecturer, Victorian College of the Arts, Australia

Rupert Summerson, Scientist/Musician, Australia

Paul Sutton, Photographer/Lecturer, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Takuya Suzuki, Animator, Japan

Bojan Tamburic, Scientist, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Leanne Thompson, Artist, Australia

VOA, Performance artists, Australia

Lawrence Wallen, Head of Design, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Dean Walsh, Dancer/Choreographer, Australia

Haydn Washington, Scientist/Poet, Australia

Shona Wilson, Artist, Australia

Mary E. White, Scientist, Australia

Josh Wodak, Artist/Academic, Australia

Zhongnan Jia (Molly), Scientist, Australia

Malou Zuidema, Artist/Illustrator, Netherlands