Living Data

Living Data

Art and science of responding to change

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Art and science of responding to change


Living Data are responses by scientists and other artists to our changing living world.

Living Data's logo is Euphausia superba (Antarctic krill), the keystone creature of the Southern Ocean. Euphausia is the Greek word for "true shining light" (Nicol 2018, p.1).My hope is that, when recognised, the individual and collective behaviours of krill inspire change in personal and corporate behaviours to stop harmful human impacts on the lands and waterways that sustain us all.

Living Data does not belong to me or even to the association of contributors. I recognise Living Data as the the relationships between us as part of the living world, and the iconography we share as primal expressions of connection that are available to everyone. My ancestryis Aboriginal Australian and European, and I work as Artist in Residence in Science at the University of Technology Sydney, and at the Australian Antarctic Division.

Living Data builds on the PhD research Antarctic Animation(2010) that resulted in a lexicon of animated primal forms that I still use to combine scientific data and subjective responses. In 2013 my PhD supervisor Simon Pockleycoined the term Living Data to describe what he saw I was doing.

Associated programs include:
Sur PolarBuenos Aires
Cape FarewellLondon
Ku-ring-gai PhSydney
Manly Art Gallery & MuseumSydney

Dr Lisa Roberts 24 July 2018
Visual artist/interactive author/Living Data program leader
Associate of the Faculty of Science,University of Technology Sydney

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About Living Data in 3 minutes
Video by journalist Jen Ng
with Living Data collaborators
Anthropologist Dr Jonathan Marshall and
Scientist Professor William Gladstone.