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Living Data


Disclaimers, Copyrights and Citations

Living Data are responses to our changing world that are:

clear in language,
appealing to the senses,
true to science
(as much as we can tell from the scientific method),
evolving and surprising
(opening up new ways of understanding).

Living Data reflect Indigenous, biological and mechanistic views of the natural world forming through relationships between parts, and our selves as part of that forming process. Although I may lead the story-telling of Living Data, the story does not belong to me or even to the association of contributors. Guided by Wilson (2008)I recognise the story as part of the relationships between us and the living world, and the iconography we share as primal forms of connection that are available to everyone.

Living Data builds on Antarctic Animation,the PhD research (UNSW 2010) into ways to combine scientific data and subjective responses. Living Data contributes to the imaginative featof changing how we live.

Associated programmes include:
Sur PolarBuenos Aires
Cape FarewellLondon
Ku-ring-gai PhSydney
Manly Art Gallery & MuseumSydney

Dr Lisa Roberts 30 December 2017
Visual artist/interactive author/Living Data program leader
Associate of the Faculty of Science,University of Technology Sydney

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     About Living Data in 3 minutes Video by journalist Jen Ng
with Living Data collaborators at University of Technology Sydney:
Anthropologist Dr Jonathan Marshall,
Scientist Professor William Gladstone,
Artist Dr Lisa Roberts