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WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned
that this program contains images and voices of deceased persons.

Living Data

2018 Presentations

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9 August 2018
Lens on Health: Indigenous and Western Views
Event for National Science Week and Sydney Science Festival
University of Technology Sydney

Podcast: Think Health, 2SER
by Jake Morcom with Miles Herbert, 4th October 2018
In Photos: Converging perspectives of Indigenous and Western health and wellbeing
by Sebastian Reategui, 14th August 2018

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VIRTUAL JOURNEY: Lens on a Bigger Picture


Pedestrian Journey in the UTS Data Arena
Video: Lisa Roberts
Photos: Seastian Reategui
Music: Jason Benedek


Pedestrian Journey in the UTS Data Arena
Photo: Sebastian Reategui


Pedestrian Journey: Out of Antarctica
FULL CREDITS (In order of appearance)

Sound: Jason Benedek, University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
Photography: Sebastian Reategui
'Lens Orb' sculpture: Maddison Gibbs
'Lens Orb' bearer: Darren Charlwood
Interactive design and code: Cat Kutay and Michael Lynch
Pedestrian design/code: Lisa Roberts/Michael Lynch
Virtual mapping with UTS students of Engineering
Drawings, tracings, animations: Lisa Roberts
Sources: Rock engravings, Royal National and Ku-ring-gai National Parks Krill Sex underwater video: Australian Antarctic Division (AAD)
Krill Sex animation: Lisa Roberts with So Kawaguchi (AAD)
Natural Cycles animation: Brad Freese
Humpback whale sonograph, Kerguelen, 2015-05-09: Brian Miller (AAD)
Gestures of connection (traced and an imated: Andrew Davidson (AAD)
Guindri (Fish, Sun, Moon) over seagrass: Paul Davis
Microscopy video: Sue Fenech (UTS)
Underwater cinematography and data: William Gladstone (UTS)
Underwater cinematography: Chels Marshall, Australian National University (ANU)
Cell division animation: Lisa Roberts
Production: Lisa Roberts


Evolution of Pedestrian Journey