Living Data

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned
that this program contains images and voices of deceased persons.

Living Data

2012 Presentations


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17 October 2012 Oceanic Living Data installation, Eora Centre for Aboriginal Studies, Abercrombie, Sydney

14 October 2012 Art & About Sydney Customs House Foyer, 31 Young Street, Circular Quay, Sydney

5-9 September 2012 IV Antarctica Art and Culture International Conference & FestivalOceanic Living Data installation, Universidad Nacional de Tres Febrero, Buenos Aires

16-26 August 2012 Animating Changeexhibition and forum for the Ultimo Science Festival at The Muse, Ultimo TAFE, Sydney

20-22 June 2012 Wilderness alive: Reconnecting through a collaborative research practiceat the University of Tasmania Imaging NatureII Conference

12-20 June 2012 Animation for Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, CCAMLR, Hobart

10 May 2012 Living Data and Dance installation, Sentinel meeting, CCAMLR, Hobart

7 May 2012 Living Data and Dance performance, Rozelle School of Visual Arts, Sydney

19-22 April 2012 Dreams and Imagination conference presentation, Sydney

26 March 2012 Living Data 01 installation: Rozelle School of Visual Arts, Sydney

1 March 2012 How we understand climate change, Climate Change Cluster (C3) University of Technology, Sydney