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9 August 2018
Lens on Health: Indigenous and Western Views

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How do people express how they see, think and feel
about the tiny life forms that sustain us?

LENS ON TINY THINGS: Microscopes and Drawing
Artist Darren Charlwood (centre) with scientist Sue Fenech (right),
looking at microscopic life in fresh and salt water.
Photo: Sebastian Reategui


01. Drawing: Darren Charlwood


02. Drawing: Sue Fenech


03. Drawing: Sue Fenech


04. Drawing: Darren Charlwood


05. Drawing: Peter Fray


06. Drawing: Peter Fray


07. Drawing: Peter Fray


08. Drawing: Maddison Gibbs


09. Drawing: Peter Fray


10. Drawing: Sue Fenech


11. Drawing: Anon.


12. Drawing: Sue Fenech


13. Drawing: Se Fenech


14. Drawing: Sue Fenech


15. Drawing: Sue Fenech


16. Drawing: Sue Fenech


17. Drawing: Anon.