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WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned
that this program contains images and voices of deceased persons.

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2021 Conversations

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"...By you choosing to come here, you help keep our culture evolving, keep it alive." Ngemba Educator Bradley Hardy, 2021, Brewarrina Aboriginal Cultural Museum

"...If we want to find our place in this land, to really belong and find meaning in it, we have to
...listen deeply and respectfully". Writer Sarah Moles, 2007. The Dying Darling p. 81



Living Data Map - in progress
Cartographer: Dan Bowles
Author: Lisa Roberts


Sydney 26th April 2021
Bonita Ely, artist and teacher from Robinvale,
calls to artists for action.

Menindee 2nd April 2021
Badger Bates, Barkindji Elder and artist from Menindee,
sends an urgent call from the Barka (Darling River).

Darling Downs 16th March 2021
Sarah Moles, writer from the Darling Downs,
shares perspectives on the Dying Darling (Barka).

Brewarrina 6th March 2021
Bradley Hardy, Ngemba Educator at Brewarrina Aboriginal Cultural Museum,
shares knowledge of Aboriginal fish traps.

Lake Mungo 3rd March 2021
Lance Jones, a Ngiyampaa man,
guides people through Lake Mungo.

Mildura 26th Feb 2021
Wemba Wemba woman Sandra Stuart
speaks from Mildura about education.

Sydney 19th January 2021
Darren Charlwood, a Wiradjiri man,
shares cultural knowledge passed down through art and science.