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WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned
that this program contains images and voices of deceased persons.

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2015 Conversations

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"Belief in the intrinsic unity of knowledge - the reality of the labyrinth - rides ultimately on the hypothesis
that every mental process has a physical grounding and is consistent with the natural sciences. "
Edward O. Wilson, 1999. Consilience:
The Unity of Knowledge

     December 2015
What is connectivity?
Casey Handmerspills the beans in the Living Data Kitchen.

     November 2015
What is connectivity?
John Raven Between the Big Bang and the Big Suck

     September 2015
Can heat energy be choreographed?
Adam Sebireand Robyn Seiboth collaborate to find out.

     September 2015
What can we learn from animal movement in the ocean?
Scientist Rebecca Foxexplains her work to better understand and respond to the changing Great Barrier Reef.

     September 2015
I do want to deal with the real world and I do want to have a voice.
Artist Janet Lawrenceprepares for Artists 4 Paris Climate Change 2015.

     August 2015
What is our relationship to phytoplankton?
Scientist Andrew Davidsonexplains the role of phytoplankton in participating in our planetary chemistry.

      July 2015
What is fiction?
Carmel Birdshares something of her creative process.

     June 2015
Imagine your performance from an observer's perspective.
Conversation with artist Al Wunder.

     May 2015.
World views combine with the Algae, Mimi, and Anthropocene.
Designer Marc Pascalguides Lisa Roberts in illuminating her new art work.

     January 2015
Animal behaviours inspire dance.
Artist Lynden Nichollsexplains her dance inspired by animal movement.