Living Data:<br>Art from Climate Science

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned
that this program contains images and voices of deceased persons.

Living Data:
Art from Climate Science

2013 Conversations

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"It's not just about the story teller, is it.
It's about the story to be told."
Kirrallee Baker, Scientist

    13 September 2013
Professor Peter Ralph explains how his team of researchers at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) develop algal biofuels to deliver the sustainable and affordable transport fuels of the future.

    15 September 2013
UTS scientist Professor Tony Larkum discusses creativity in art and science and the value of conversations between disciplines. He explains his experience of the creative process in discovering a phytoplankton that photosynthesises ultraviolet light.

    15 September 2013
Associate Professor Martina Doblin explains that algae are far more resiliant to changes in temperature than previously imagined and how this discovery by her research team at UTS has transformed this field of science. She explains that visualising data allows scientists and artists to see patterns within them that have not been seen before.

    15 September 2013
UTS science PhD candidate Kirralee Baker investigates how algae are experiencing increasingly variable temperatures and how they respond, She asks if their intricate detailed forms will simplify as they adapt to climate change.

    15 September 2013
Artist Lisa Roberts explains how she collaborates with krill biologist So Kawaguchi to interpret observations of krill responses to increasingly acid ocean due to our massive burning of fossil fuels.

    15 September 2013
Artist Shona Wilson explains her response to the recent scientific observation of microscopic particles of plastics in diatoms, the building blocks of life, is to create models of imagined future life forms that speculate on implications of this.

    15 September 2013
Science illustrator and animator Malou Zuidema explains how she collaborates with marine scientists to visualise knowledge that is vital for sustaining biodiversity essential to fishing industries: the giant kelp forests of Tasmania are vanishing as invasive species from the north seek cooler climes as oceans warm and devastate southern ecosystems.

    17 September 2013
The Earth is mostly Ocean and our senses mostly drive our actions. Performing artist Dean Walsh develops a movement scoring system to communicate with collaborating artists whose shared concern is the changing climate of inner spaces.