Living Data:<br>Evolving Conversations

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned
that this program contains images and voices of deceased persons.

Living Data:
Evolving Conversations

2014 Conversations

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"Every interaction is a risk you might be transformed."
Jonathan Marshall, Anthropologist

     26 October 2014
Journalist Jen Ng talks with Living Data contributors about the art and science of education.

     23 September 2014
Artists respond through photography, video and drawing, to Dean Walsh's dance response to Living Data exhibits.

     9 September 2014
Professor Bill Gladstone leads the Living Data Forum conversation: Creativity in art and science.

     7 August 2014
Psychotherapist Sally Gillespie reflects on the psychological dimensions of encountering climate change science.

     2 May 2014
Anthropologist Dr Jonathan Marshall explains how every interaction is a risk we might be transformed.

     3 July 2014
UTS oceanographer Charlotte Robinson explains what inspires her work.

     4 April 2014
UTS Masters student Isobel Cummings explains the value of science as a global language.

     20 February 2014
Dancer/choreographer Caterina Mocciola discusses codified language in art and science.

     20 February 2014
UTS scientist Dr Christian Evenhuis explains how scientific models work and why some are useful.

     10 February 2014
UTS scientist Dr Christian Evenhuis explains how microscopic algae (plants) in corals (animals) live in symbiotic relationships that are at risk as ocean temperatures rise.