Living Data:<br> Track Changes

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned
that this program contains images and voices of deceased persons.

Living Data:
Track Changes

2016 Conversations

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"It is because science grows out of the preoccupations and pressures of everyday life
that its discoveries have, in the end, to be accessible to all of us."
Lisa Jardine, 1999. Ingenious Pursuits:
Building the Scientific Revolution

11 November 2016
William Gladstoneleads a forum about collaborations
between scientists and artists.

11 November 2016
John Kalman identifies
Beauty in art, nature and science

23 October 2016
Penny Ryan explains
Opening Hearts installation

17 August 2016
William Gladstone and Lisa Roberts talk
as they create a seagrass installation

2 August 2016
Suzanne Schibeci and Mika Utzon Popov combine art and science
of natural life cycles of the Australian Banksia plant.

     27 July 2016
William Gladstone and Lisa Roberts create
spaces for reading data, art and stories of seagrass meadows.

10 July 2016
Shona Wilson reflects
on the creative process as an act of giving and seeding.

     10 July 2016
Anthony Larkum and Shona Wilson discuss
the value of art-science interactions.

1 June 2016
William Gladstone and Lisa Roberts explain
their experiments for understanding through art and science.

31 March 2016
Scientist Deirdre Cobbin reflects on how new ideas arise.

7 May 2016
William Gladstone and Lisa Roberts share
site findings of seagrass meadows.

     8 March 2016
Keith Armstrong asks
'Is knowing enough?'