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"In [nature] we perceive the operation of a force which is mixed up with everything that exists
in the heavens or on earth; which pervades every atom,
rules the motions of animate and inanimate beings,
and is as sensible in the descent of a rain-drop as in the falls of Niagara;
in the weight of the air, as in the periods of the moon."

Scientist Mary Somerville, 1834,
On the Connection of the Physical Sciences.

26 June 2018
Darren Charlwoodtalks about art as part of Aboriginal cultural practice of connection.


19 June 2018
Scott (Whiskers) Fensonidentifies the diverse Indigenous languages as Nature's language,
and standard English as Consumer's language.


11 May 2018
Distinguished Professor Lesley Hughesidentifies as a citizen of the world.
During the workshop following the 2018 Boden Conference she reflects on what inspired her
to be a scientist and to study climate change and animal behaviour.


11 May 2018
Professor Michael Depledge tells how he came to study relationships
between the health of environments and human health,
and to initiate an interdisciplinary practice of learning on country.


11 May 2018
Dr Justine Shaw explains some surprising and predicted outcomes
from the 2018 Boden conference that she and Dr Dana Bergstrom convened:
'Ecological Surprises and Rapid Collapse of Ecosystems in a Changing World'.


16 January 2018
Alex Richardsontells what he cares most about being a science teacher.