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WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned
that this program contains images and voices of deceased persons.

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"... people can bring their own stories ... their own knowledge, their own perspectives,
and weave their own narrative, using my art work as a kind of catalyst."
Bonita Ely. Sydney, 26th April 2021

Sydney 26th April 2021
Bonita Ely, artist and teacher from Robinvale (on the Murray River),
speaks from Sydney, calling to artists for action.


01 Making art

01 Making art

Bonita Ely (left) speaks with Lisa Roberts (right) at the Newtington College, Sydney,
where Bonita develops an installation for immersing people in new and ancient knowledge of the Great Artesian Basin.




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Bonita Ely (right) with freshwater ecologist Rene Dalmas (left) in the Data Arena at University of Technology Sydney, with the image of Bonita immersed in the fish kills in Menindee in 2019. This performance art work was created by Bonita in collaboration with artist Melissa Williams-Brown, and displayed as part of Living Data conversations using languages of art, science and cultural practices.