Living Data:<br>Animating Change

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned
that this program contains images and voices of deceased persons.






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Living Data:
Animating Change

2012 Conversations

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"[There are] increased variations in natural systems
- variations much larger than would naturally occur."
Bill Gladstone, Scientist

    3 May 2012
UTS scientist Dr Martina Doblin and artist Lisa Roberts explain their work to designer Mark Gerada and his students in the UTS Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building.

     19 August 2012
Lisa Roberts explains how primal forms express both physical systems and subjective feelings.

    19 August 2012
UTS scientist Professor William Gladstone explains 'increased variations in natural systems - variations much larger than would naturally occur'.

    19 August 2012
Dr Martina Doblin explains how algae respond to increasingly variable temperatures and how patterns in her data are reflected in art.

    19 August 2012
Professor Lawrence Wallen, Head of School in Design at UTS, explains 'generational theft' as taking more resources than we need.

    19 August 2012
Designer Carina Lee explains how the perils of coal seam gas mining in the Liverpool Plains where she grew up as a third generation farmer's daughter, inspired her major student work at UTS.

    19 August 2012
Australian Antarctic Division scientist Dr So Kawaguchi explains the value of krill to the health of the oceans and the value of the arts in scientific understanding of our changing environment.

    19 August 2012
Dr Haydn Washington tells how meeting a wild animal in the Australian bush inspired his passion for understanding the natural world as both a poet and a scientist.

    19 August 2012
Dr Daniel Ramp discusses the value of art exhibitions as spaces for opening up dialogues about conservation and management of the environment.

    19 August 2012
Caterina Mocciola explains her contemporary dance practice of contact improvisation.

    19 August 2012
Ashley Macqueen reflects on his life as a dancer and scientist.

    19 August 2012
Lisa Roberts explains what motivates her work as an artist and leader of the Living Data program.