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WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned
that this program contains images and voices of deceased persons.

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"Mother Earth births everything for us.
Father sky carries the water and oxygen for us to breathe."

Yuin Elder Max Dulumunmun Harrison, 2009

9th October 2019
Botanist Bruce Wannan talks about the art and science of connection.


10th April 2019
Scientist James O'Brien discusses surprising relationships
between whales, krill and phytoplankton.


28th February 2019
How can sea level science cast light on our past and our future?


14th February 2019
Planning animation for the SC-HASS conference in Ushuaia in April 2019


25th January 2019
Immerse within the spirit of the mating dance of Antarctic krill.


25th January 2019
Scientists, artists and other scholars respond
to the massive fish kills in Barkanji country in the Murray Darling River.


25th January 2019
A dancer and her witnesses respondto her dance and its inspiration:
the mass fish kills in Barkanji country's Murray Darling River.


25th January 2019
Dancer Audrey Rose Burden and musician Eric Avery respondto change in natural cycles.


25th January 2019
Scientist Rene Delmas reads his story:Murray Darling Disruption.


25th January 2019
Barkanji artist Maddison Gibbs questions scientistsabout fish kills in the Murray Darling River.