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"Few will doubt that humankind has created a planet-sized problem for itself.
No one wished it so, but we are the first species to become a geophysical force,
altering Earth's climate, a role previously reserved for tectonics, sun flares, and glacial cycles."
E. O. Wilson, 1998. Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge
p. 277-278

Modern manuscript

Wednesday 8th March 2017.

Evolutionary biologist Sinead Collinsis a Royal Society University Research Fellow at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology, University of Edinburgh, and Visiting Scholar at the University of Technology Sydney. Here she laments the disconnection between science and art and introduces the Modern Manuscript project as a way to reunite them.


Knowledge was transmitted in a way where the form of transmission was itself art.

So there was no separation between science and art.

And now we have this separation where when we transmit science... it looks like this (gesturing towards her scientific paper).

And this is not beautiful. It's clear but it's not beautiful.

But I think when we [Sinead and her sister Naomi] were coming up with the idea [for the Modern Manuscript project]... this is more outward-thinking.

(Joking) It's almost the same, right? You can hardly tell the difference [between the scientific paper and the illuminated manuscript version].

(Animated) I like how when we're coming up with ideas there's this sense of wonder. You have these little beasties... It gets pretty funny...