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that this program contains images and voices of deceased persons.

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Eramboo Speaks
Oceanic Bliss: Art and scientific data combine

1 June 2016 William Gladstone and Lisa Roberts present art-science experiments.

William Gladstone and Lisa Roberts are among ten scientists and ten artists who come together to inspire care and conservation of Australia's iconic Ku-ring-gai National Park, facilitated through the innovative Ku-ring-gai Ph Art+Science Projectled by artist/curator Susan Milne and curator Katherine Roberts. Wednesday 1 June is the first of the Eramboo Speaks series of talks about the project. This talk by Bill and Lisa is recorded in 10 parts:

Part 01: Introduction


Part 02: Marine


Part 03: Dance


Part 04: Art and science


Part 05: Antarctica


Part 06: Different and similar views


Part 07: Art and Science of Seagrass


Part 08: Seagrass Avatar


Part 09: Dance, drawing, and data combine


Part 10: Oceanic Bliss: combining art and science