Living Data: Align

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned
that this program contains images and voices of deceased persons.

Living Data: Align

2015 Conversations

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"It is because science grows out of the preoccupations and pressures of everyday life
that its discoveries have, in the end, to be accessible to all of us."
Lisa Jardine, 1999. Ingenious Pursuits:
Building the Scientific Revolution

     May 2015.
Algae, Mimi, Anthropocene
Collaborating with designer Marc Pascal.

World views combine with the Algae, Mimi, and Anthropocene.

Designer Marc Pascal works with me and Designer An Marosszeky to insert LEDs into a tiny human form within a model of the phytoplankton, Diatom navicula, and I practice a one-minute talk about this work for the AnthropSlam at the Australian Galleries, Melbourne.

Lisa Roberts.


Marc Pascal (Inserting tiny LEDs into the phytoplankton form):

Between the heart, the head and the guts... which will probably be something like that, won't it...

An Marosszeky:

True to life...

Lisa Roberts:

Not the same...

Effectively, phytoplankton produce every second molecule of oxygen we breathe. They photosynthesis sunlight to produce energy to sustain life. Navicular is the form of this particular species. Within this boat-shaped form of phytoplankton, rests a tiny human, Phagus, to signify the process called phagocytosis, which in biological terms is the Big Bang that resulted in the diversity of life of all species.