Living Data

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned
that this program contains images and voices of deceased persons.

Living Data

Big Picture Story 06:
Laws of Nature



The evolution of Plant and Animal Life, in particular, is well documented in text books and is not repeated here. Just a few comments must suffice:

When dinosaurs and the vegetation of their times (conifers, cycads, ferns) co-existed for 150 million years, one can see that balance existed, keeping climate and conditions within a range suitable for them. Their extinction, resulting probably from the changes caused by impact of an asteroid with Earth, is an extreme example of the sort of events that come as a result of our planet's being part of the Universe, and being still highly volcanic and unpredicatable because it has a molten core.

Before the arrival of Homo sapiens, in just the last eye-blink of geological time, all living things on Earth were controlled by the Laws of Nature that governed population size and individual environmental footprints because of the inter-connectedness of everything in GAIA.

All living things are controlled by the Laws of Nature that govern population size and individual environmental footprints.

Dr Mary E. White 2012


Philippe Boissonnet. The Awareness of Atlas Part of the larger installation, En Perdre le Nord (We have lost our way) 2008 Digital photgraphic installation.


Lorraine Beaulieu. Antarctic flags Print 2008

The artist's body is impressed onto fabric to make Antarctic maps.

I propose...
as a symbol of the
planetary community
and as a rallying sign.

I am searching to suggest that north and south poles
are not so far from each other...
As human beings,
we are linked together
to this fundamental necessity: clear WATER...

Lorraine Beaulieu, Sur Polar catalogue 2008 p.57