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WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned
that this program contains images and voices of deceased persons.

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2019 Presentations

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13 June 2019
Seeding Treaty: Voice, Treaty, Truth
Animated Installation for Boomalli's NAIDOC Exhibition,
Voice, Treaty, Truth, Sydney, Australia
Boomalli Gallery 55-59 Flood St Leichhardt. 13 June-28 July 2019

ANIMATIONS and installation arranged by Maddison Gibbs and Lisa Roberts
with material shared by Living Data contributors.

L-R: Lisa Roberts and Maddison Gibbs with NITV. Photo: Chriss Bull; 'Water Lens'. Photo: Lisa Roberts

L-R: Maddison Gibbs installing installation. Photo: Lisa Roberts


L-R: Rayma Johnson, Lisa Roberts; Lisa, Boomalli patron (anon). Photos: Vikki Quill


Our land itself contains the power to seed and grow Treaty - all we have to do is grasp and wield this powerful force, visually, scientifically, and musically. This display of the intricate, multilayered web of life and culture that sustains us all, grasps this power and charges its viewers with a communal responsibility to protect and care for country.

Elizabeth Shepherd,
Indigenous Australian musician and composer, writer and artist
May 28, 2019