Living Data

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned
that this program contains images and voices of deceased persons.

Living Data

2017 Presentations

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29 November - 2 December 2017
Eora Aboriginal Cultural Arts Exhibition
Carriageworks CEAD Centre, Sydney

Transformations Video installation
Message from the ocean that sustains Life as we know it



Rainbow serpent image courtesy Aboriginal artist Marylin Torrend from Jubal bunjalung


Transformations is a video installation composed for the 2017 Eora Aboriginal Cultural Arts Exhibition. It combines and expands on 'Ocean light' and 'Ambient Boomerang', the two videos created for the 2017 Boomerang Alliance inaugural Conference Gala Dinner, to raise funds to reduce plastics from the ocean.

Expanded components are experiments in choreography with the 'Pedestrian' digital puppet, developed with Michael Lynch, and animating fluorescent-painted objects under Ultra violet light.

Art and data come from scientists and other artists, including contributors from the Australian Antarctic Division, University of Technology Sydney, Eora Aboriginal College, and Lynchpin the ocean project.


All artists maintain copyright of their work.

Disclaimers, Copyrights and Citations



Questzalcoatl - Music: Robert Cuckson
Krill sex - Animation: Lisa Roberts (Eora/University of Technology Sydney - UTS). Science: So Kawaguchi, Rob Kilpatrick, Rob King, Steve Nichol (Australian Antarctic Division - AAD)
Rainbow animated painting - Lisa Roberts
Electronic puppet - Design/animation: Lisa Roberts (Eora/UTS) Code: Michael Lynch (UTS)
UV animation - Lisa Roberts
Ancient Chinese Ocean gesture - Vikki Quill
Aboriginal Rock engraving animations - Lisa Roberts
Gertrude Bodenwiesser 'Errand into the Maze' gesture - motion capture
Barbara Cuckson (Rozelle School of Visual Arts), Jason Benedek, (UTS)
Falling coins for Malcolm Turnbull - Lisa Roberts
Flow cytometry data: Angus Rawle (UTS)
Dance: Barbara Cuckson (Rozelle School of Visual Arts)
Motion capture: Jason Benedek (UTS)
Boil (animation)- Maddison Gibbs (UTS/Eora)

Data and Spirit Warning
Song to my ancestors - Music: Alison O'Carroll
Sea ice data: AAD. Animation: Lisa Roberts
Paintings: Aboriginal artists from TAFE NSW Eora campus: Marilyn Torrend, Guindri (Paul Davis), Darren Charlwood, Sharon Smith, Nicole Padden, Douglas Hippett, Shekara Hartnett, Chico Monks, Lisa Roberts, Maddison Gibbs (UTS/Eora)
Calligraphic Ocean gesture - Vikki Quill. Motion capture: Jason Benedek
Electronic puppet - Design/animation: Lisa Roberts. Code: Michael Lynch
Seagrass dance - Choreography: William Gladstone (UTS) Dance: Lisa Roberts. Motion capture: Jason Benedek

Oceanic Living Data
Fly through - Underwater video: William Gladstone
Alveoli/Ocean breath - Animation: Lisa Roberts
Science: Nicholas Kiraly (Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne)
Sea ice data: AAD
Neptune's necklace - Dancer: Lisa Roberts
Sea levels rising - Animation: Lisa Roberts. Data: John Church (CSIRO)
Antarctic diatoms - Animation: Lisa Roberts
Krill sex - Animation: Lisa Roberts. Music: Graham Ewing. Science: So Kawaguchi,
Rob Kilpatrick, Rob King, Steve Nichol (AAD)



Eora Aboriginal Cultural Arts
Exhibition opening
video: Lisa Roberts
Music: Jon Hizzard