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WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned
that this program contains images and voices of deceased persons.

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"Few will doubt that humankind has created a planet-sized problem for itself.
No one wished it so, but we are the first species to become a geophysical force,
altering Earth's climate, a role previously reserved for tectonics, sun flares, and glacial cycles."
E. O. Wilson, 1998. Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge
p. 277-278

Dummy Run: Five Minutes to Midnight

Mic Conwaywonders at the risk of doing nothing to conserve the natural world.

Animation: Lisa Roberts
Music: Mic Conway From Diagonally Parked in a Parallel Universe (2014)
Performers: The Mic Conway National Junk Band
'Ocean' gesture: Vikki QuillMotion Captured by Jason Benedek
Data: sea level rise from United States Geological Survey (USGS)
Originally accessed 2007-05-29