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WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned
that this program contains images and voices of deceased persons.

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8 - 9 May 2018

Gumbayngirr story: with Gumbayngirr scientist and artist Chels Marshall

Totemic relationships allow Indigenous peoples to be Landscape Ecologists


Presentation for the Boden Research Conference 2018,
'Ecological Surprises and Rapid Collapse of Ecosystems in a Changing World'

Shine Dome, Canberra, Australia

Chels Marshall is introduced by Dana Bergstrom.


Gumbayngirr story (video))


"Yal yal" "Waves"
Drawings by Chels Marshall
Traced and animated by Lisa Roberts.
Still from the video installation,
Gumbayngirr story


Conference Media Release, Fri May 4, 2018:

Totemic relationships inform and inspire Indigenous peoples as Landscape ecologists. This knowledge is revealed and passed on through the arts. This conference will host the first presentation of an evolving "Gumbaygnirr Story", a video installation being developed by Living Data leader Lisa Roberts with Gumbaygnirr woman Chels Marshall, renowned expert in ecology and Aboriginal marine science. It combines expressions of understanding shared though Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultural arts and sciences.



Gumbaygnirr Story/Art/Video:
Chels Marshall. Australian National University (ANU)

Production/Drawing/Art tracing/Animation:
Lisa Roberts. Living Data, University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Gumbaygnirr Voice:
Michael Jarrett

Gumbaygnirr Swimmer:
Lacey Froglet Butterfly Edwards

Possum skin drumming:
Laura McBride

Motion capture:
Jason Benedek (UTS)

Special effects:
Jason Benedek

Underwater video/sound:
William Gladstone (UTS)

Ocean gesture:
Vikki Quill

Seagrass swimmers:
Bliss Boaden
Isobel Cummings
Shona Wilson

Errand into the Maze gesture:
Barbara Cuckson (Rozelle School of Visual Arts)

Neptune's necklace gesture:
Lisa Roberts

Sea levels rising, 1920-2000:
John Church et at. (CSIRO)

Antarctic sea ice data:
Australian Antarctic Division (AAD)

Antarctic krill sex data:
So Kawaguchi
Steve Nichol
Andrew Constable
Rob King
Graham Ewing

Susan Fenech (UTS)

Flow cytometry:
Angus Rawle (UTS)

Beware of Pedestrians: Digital puppets:
Lisa Roberts with Michael Lynch (UTS)

Matthew Dewey
Excerpt from ex Oceano,
Symphony No.2, 2013
Courtesy Sue Anderson,
Lynchpin - the Ocean project