Living Data

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned
that this program contains images and voices of deceased persons.

Living Data

2014 Impacts:
Evolving Conversations

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Impacts/ Index

"It's not just about the story teller, is it.
It's about the story to be told."
Kirrallee Baker, Scientist

Evolving Conversations

Recorded responses to the exhibition include:

Photo archive of chalk drawings on walls
Artist's record of responses embodied within, as well as to, the Groundswell interactive installation
Sound and video archives of conversations
Blog and Email messages
Video, photo, danced and drawn responses

Recordings are categorised and arranged to allow for comparisons with intended meanings of exhibits (including labels). Categorisation may begin with:



Are the intended meanings of exhibits conveyed? Are they self-explanatory? Do we also need plain English? Are the primal forms (body knowledge of natural systems) essential components of accurate communication?