Living Data

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned
that this program contains images and voices of deceased persons.

Living Data

Evolving conversations  

University of Technology, Sydney Main Entrance Foyer, 3 Sept 2014 - 20 Nov 2014
In Ultimo Science Festival, Sydney3-12 Sept 2014

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  Leanne Thompson

Leanne Thompson
Groundswell installation (in progress), 2014
Mixed media

Leanne Thompson
Hitchhikers installation (detail), 2014
Cable ties construction

Interactive Installation

This work is proposed in concept for the Living Data 2014 Exhibition. Working with all the associated scientists, the artist will request a quotes/text describing a key idea or finding from the research. Objects with this text will be available for further manipulation by the audience. They will be able to add in comment / response to the object which is then placed within the exhibition space as part of an existing dividing wall. This 'wall' will build a surface that will grow like a wave, building in the same way a groundswell piles up on itself when the energy meets resistance, and rises to form significant force (and sweeping change) across an entire area. The aim of the work is to visually represent the mass of data / evidence involved in climate change science and to highlight the energy required to rise up and overwhelm societal resistance. This work is proposed as a time based work and realization will depend upon the duration of Living data exhibition in the UTS space. It will grow after the exhibition is open and material is generated for inclusion in the wall.

Installation notes: The work will be constructed from paper, predominantly tracing and tissue papers as the translucent quality will be utilized to envisage the merging of conversations and the overlap in research. Initial text will be derived from conversations and quotes from C3 members and submitted material including multi-media works. Images will grow from my direct response to this material. Now that it has been confirmed that the existing timber panel can be manipulated and used, many methods of attachment of the work are available. And the potential to draw directly onto this surface is available as well.

Leanne Thompson, 2014.