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Living Data

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Simon Pockleysupervised my phD (completed, UNSW 2010)
and in 2013 coined the term Living Data
to describe my work with scientists and other artists,
using animation to combine scientific data and subjective responses.

In 2016 he identified as an Imaginative Feat, the gift
I prepared for the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

The gift was a coin ("first artist's money"), a drawing and a note,
handed in trust to Bruce Parncutt for delivery,
at the opening of the 2015 Tom Roberts exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia.
The gift was a gesture of hope and trust in our new leader,
just returned from the Paris Climate Summit.

Now in 2017 I recognise Living Data as Imaginative Feats
made to balance science and art as vital aspects of our nature.