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Living Data

Imaginative Feat

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In 2013 Simon Pockleycoined the term Living Data
to describe animations that I make with scientists and other artists,
to combine scientific data and subjective responses.

In 2016 he called the giftthat I prepared
for the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull,
an "imaginative feat".

The gift was a coin ("first artist's money"), a drawing and a note,
that I handed in trust to Bruce Parncutt for delivery,
at the opening of the 2015 Tom Roberts exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia.
The gift was a gesture of hope and trust in our new leader,
who had just returned from the Paris Climate Summit.

Now in 2017 I recognise Living Data
as part of a growing global feat
to reconnect art and science,
and to respect what we each
hold differently
as sacred.