Living Data

Living Data

Science Art & Talks

The experiential process of observation and reflection is key to art and science
and is an essential component in understanding interdependence
of all species and ecosystems, terrestrial and aquatic.
Paul Fletcher Animator

Science Art & Talks
Living Data Program for the 2013 Ultimo Science Festival, Sydney, September 12-21.


Voyage of sound    Music recorded by Blake and Tristian Copeland
People in urban communities often express feelings of disconnection from the natural world.
Music from more connected cultures is recorded and presented to urban dwellers.

Bukhchuluun Ganburged (Bukhu) performs the horse fiddle and throat singing.

Traditional Kandyan dancers and Geta Bera drums recorded in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka


Things that are outside of our field of hearing don't enter our culture.

The Voyage of Sound is an independent documentary film project that aims to creatively observe the ever-expanding fabric of sound across the globe. Through a series of documentary films on a diverse range of musical cultures, we explore sound in an array of unique social contexts: from migrants invoking their homelands and eclectic transcultural collaborations, to the musical expressions of political resistance and the struggle to preserve traditional cultures - we listen to their stories.

Voyage of Sound is currently in post-production of the first thread of the series: Antes como antes, Ahora como Ahora: la musica del Son Jarocho (Before like before, Today like Today: The music of Son Jarocho). The film explores the traditional Mexican musical culture of Son Jarocho as it navigates its way into the twenty-first century. This is due for release early next year. In addition to this, research is underway to document various port cities throughout the world in which music has played a major role. This reflects our interest in the function of sound in certain urban spaces, especially in the sense in which sound has traversed land and sea to come together in such unique ways.

Antes como Antes, Ahora como Ahora (Before like Before, Today like Today) speaks to a vast and colourful array of characters from all spectrums of the Son Jarochocommunity, capturing a moment in time where an old traditional culture attempts to redefine itself at the crossroads of globalization.

As a musical ensemble, Los Utrera play a traditional form of Son Jarocho closely linked to the notion of community, within which the practice of the fandangois vital. "One learns in the fandango," Wendy Cao Romero said. "without a teacher, by simply listening, through imitation, by making mistakes, particpating, being a member of the community. We grow like this, as a community..."

Blake and Tristan Copeland, Voyage of sound


Notes for exhibition designers:

Music from the Voyage of sound project will be played through surround sound speakers suspended from above at the far end of the Muse South Wing.