Lunar Time

Lunar Time


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Video: Lisa Roberts, with thanks to Jason Benedek in the Data Arena, University of Technology Sydney
Sound: From Matthew Dewey's Symphony No.2 "ex Oceano"
Courtesy Lynchpin-the Ocean Project

BOP (Beware of Pedestrians)
Beware of pedestrians telling stories: Expect evidence.


Click and drag the puppet's joints.


BOP is being made to show and tell how the living world works
through puppets that express bodies of knowledge,
with animations and links to peer reviewed papers.


Scientist William Gladstone expands his research into sex in the sea by asking,
"What happens under Antarctic sea ice at full moon?".

Writer Carmel Bird inspires choreography of change and transformation,
with her story that starts, "In the beginning, Sophie was a fish".

BOP is for playing through small and large screens -
from phones to projections on graffiti walls and buildings.
Created by Lisa Roberts, based on the film, Beware of Pedestrians.
Code: Michael Lynch, Motion capture: Jason Benedek.
Curatorial assistance: collaborating scientists and artists.


How do Antarctic krill have sex?

Why is the Southern Ocean a vitally connected system?

What roles do we play in nature's change and transformation?

Puppets are made represent bodies of knowledge
that express how we were once a fish, a snake, a bird,
and how we learnt to dance, sing, and play the violin,
and to choreograph data, as scientists and as artists
to know what's going on as far as we can tell
from all the evidence available.